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Uninstall Icinga for Windows Components

If you no longer require certain components on your system, you can uninstall them directly with the build-in command Uninstall-IcingaComponent. It includes the following arguments:

Argument Type Description
Name String The name of the component to uninstall
RemovePackageFiles Switch This argument will ensure that remaining files which are not PowerShell related will be removed as well. This includes for example the ProgramData folder of the Icinga Agent and the service binary for the Icinga for Windows service

Uninstall component

To uninstall a component, you simply specify the name and run the uninstall command:

Uninstall-IcingaComponent -Name 'plugins';

The component will then be removed from the system. For the Icinga Agent for example, you can use the -RemovePackageFiles argument, to also remove the ProgramData folder which includes the certificates as example:

Uninstall-IcingaComponent -Name 'agent' -RemovePackageFiles;

Uninstall Icinga for Windows

To remove Icinga for Windows entirely from your system, you can run the command


If you are using JEA and used a different user as managed user then icinga, you can specify this user with the -IcingaUser argument:

Uninstall-IcingaForWindows -IcingaUser 'MyCustomUser';

Otherwise it will lookup the default user icinga and remove it, in case it is managed by Icinga for Windows.

To get rid of the confirmation message, simply add the -Force argument:

Uninstall-IcingaForWindows -Force;

Note: This command will uninstall every single Icinga for Windows component, including the service, the Icinga Agent and the Icinga PowerShell Framework itself.