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Icinga Management Console (IMC) - Overview

As we now have deployed our Icinga PowerShell Framework on our Windows machine, we can continue the installation by using the IMC (Icinga Management Console).

Note: You can always open the IMC by running the following command:


To navigate through the IMC, you have to use numbers and letters confirmed by pressing on Enter.

Input Name Description
0-x Numeric Numeric values are used on list views to select a specific index of an entry, to either enter a sub-menu or to select it.
a Advanced Will only occur on several forms and will show advanced options for additional configuration settings (toogle)
c Continue Will mostly be used as default and allows you to continue. Might not always be present
d Delete Allows you to delete values for forms on which you have to enter data to continue
h Help Will either print the help for each entry and menu section or disables it (toogle)
l Command Will print the command being executed by the IMC for an entry (toogle)
m Main Allows you to jump back to the main menu
p Previous Allows you to jump to the previous menu, in case you are not inside the root of another element
x Exit Will close the Management Console

Multi-Value Input

Some forms allow you to enter values, like your Icinga parent zone or your endpoint configuration for the Icinga Agent.

Input forms are always designed by having a (x/x) at the bottom right if your input form. The number of entries defined in the right side defines the maximum allowed entried, while the left side defines how many are currently added.


Input (Default c) (0/1):

This means that we currently have 0 entries added out of a maximum of 1.

To remove entries, we can use the d input and re-add our arguments. We can simply type our input as we would with the input commands:

Input (Default c) (0/1): master

In this case, master would be our value we want to add and can confirm this by pressing Enter. If everything is successful, the result will look like this:

** Icinga for Windows Management Console **
** Copyright (c) 2024 Icinga GmbH | MIT  **
**   User environment ws-icinga\icinga   **
**  Icinga PowerShell Framework v1.6.0   **

Please enter your parent Icinga zone:


[x] Exit [c] Continue [d] Delete [h] Help [l] Commands [m] Main [p] Previous

Input (Default c) (1/1):