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Pinning Versions

Sometimes you might require to lock certain components to a specific version. This means regardless of any version available, this component will not be updated or touched, unless the version it is locked to is not yet installed.

A lock will override the version suggested by any repository or the user input and always force the version specified.

If for example you lock the Icinga Plugins to version 1.6.0, they will not get upgraded to any other version.

Locking Commponents

You can lock any Icinga component with Lock-IcingaComponent by simply providing the name of the component and the target version.

For example we can look our plugins to version 1.6.0:

Lock-IcingaComponent `
    -Name 'plugins' `
    -Version '1.6.0';

Now the only version being installed for the plugins is 1.6.0, while all other versions are skipped. You can directly replace the lock for a different version later on, like 1.6.1:

Lock-IcingaComponent `
    -Name 'plugins' `
    -Version '1.6.1';

Unlocking Components

You can release a lock for a component by using Unlock-IcingaComponent. Unlike the locking mechanism, you only require to specify the component name for unlocking it, as each component only accepts one version lock at the time.

Unlock-IcingaComponent `
    -Name 'plugins';

Once the lock is removed, updates will be applied again for this component.