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Icinga Knowledge Base - IWKB000002

Short Message

Plugin execution fails because arguments could not be validated and properly set. An example error could be The "*" was not recognized as the name of a program, cmdlet, function, script file, or executable. Check the spelling of the name and that the path is correct (if included), and repeat the process.

Example Exception

Plugin Output Error


This error can happen if array arguments either contain special characters, like * or spaces. By using the configuration provided by Icinga for Windows, array arguments are taken from your configuration and re-rendered using Icinga DSL as PowerShell arrays.

In addition Icinga is not ensuring string values with included spaces are properly escaped.


To fix this you can simply put the input values, regardless if you are within an array element of a string, into single quotes '. This will ensure multi-part strings are always rendered as one element during plugin execution.


Escape Strings

Once the Performance Counter is put between single quotes ', we can view the proper check result output:

Escape Strings