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Icinga Powershell Hyperv CHANGELOG

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Please read the upgrading documentation before upgrading to a new release.

Released closed milestones can be found on GitHub.

1.1.0 (2022-05-03)

Issue and PRs


  • #41 Fixes UNKNOWN on overcommitment check, in case no virtual machines are present on the host
  • #49 Fixes an exception in case machines on the system are present with the identical name
  • #52 Fixes This argument does not support the % unit for Total Snapshot Size, caused by duplicate entry
  • #53 Fixes exception in case no permission is granted to snapshot directory
  • #55 Fixes JEA error which detected ScriptBlocks in the plugin collection
  • #57 Fixes memory unit which was calculated in MB instead of Bytes and fixes CPU overcommitment, which could result in negative usage values if there is not overcommitment


  • #40 Adds new plugin Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVVMM to check the state of the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) for each host if being installed
  • #42 Adds switch to Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVSnapshot and Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVVirtualSwitches to mitigate state from Unknown to Ok, in case no virtual machines or virtual switches are present on the system
  • #58 Adds support for Icinga for Windows v1.9.0 module isolation

1.0.0 (2021-06-10)

Issue and PRs

New Plugins

This release adds the following new plugins:

  • Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVHealth
  • Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVOverCommitment
  • Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVSnapshot
  • Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVVirtualSwitches
  • Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVVMHealth