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Manage Repositories

Besides adding and syncing of repositories, you can also enable, disable and remove repositories from your local machine.

Please note that removing a repository will only remove the Icinga for Windows configuration and not the files on the disk. You have to do this step manually.

Enabling Repositories

In case a repository is disabled, you can enable it with Enable-IcingaRepository.

Enable-IcingaRepository -Name 'Icinga Stable Internal Web';

Disabling Repositories

You can also disable enabled repositories with Disable-IcingaRepository.

Disable-IcingaRepository -Name 'Icinga Stable Internal Web';

Please note that disabled Icinga repositories will be fully ignored during installation/update tasks and no files from these will be fetched.

Removing Repositories

If you no longer require a certain repository, you can remove it with Remove-IcingaRepository.

Remove-IcingaRepository -Name 'Icinga Stable Internal Web';

Note: This will only remove the repository from the configuration. All possible available files for sync runs or anything related will remain on the disk until you remove them manually.