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Icinga Knowledge Base - IWKB000008

Short Message

The EventLog contains many Perflib, PerfNet and PerfProc errors/warnings with EventId 1008, 2002 and 2004

Example Exception

EventLog PerfLib


We are using an internal .NET Class to create Performance Counter objects, as this allows us to use the english naming for Processor for example, instead of many different localization for categories or counter names.

By doing so, we ensure that Icinga for Windows can be used on any Windows machine, regardless of language settings.

The issue on this method is, that even while we only load the Processor Performance Category for example, the method will try to initialise all Performance Counter categories available on the system. Regular users, including the NetworkService, do not have enough permissions to access the WmiApRpl for example, resulting in aboves error message. Running the plugins as Administrator or in System context is not causing issues, as the required permissions to access these objects are available.


Permissions to these counters cannot be granted individually and disabling these is also not a suitable option. One way to resolve this problem, is to use JEA Profiles for monitoring or switch to the feature Forward Checks to Internal API.

As Performance Counter libraries are loaded during startup within the REST-Api, they will only occur once you start the Icinga for Windows service daemon. Every single check executed afterwards will use Performance Counter libraries, but the current shell session has already loaded required components and therefor only access objects we want.

As a result, no additional errors or warnings are added to the EventLog.