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Update Icinga for Windows

Before you update your environment, please have a look on the upgrading docs.


In general updating the entire Icinga for Windows environment is straight forward. If you are using official repositories, you can apply updates once a new package is available. For own repositories you will either have to synchronize them again or copy files manually there.

The command for updating is Update-Icinga and provides the following arguments:

Argument Type Description
Name String Allows to define a specific component of being updated, instead of all of them
Release Switch Default. Will update all components by using the release repositories
Snapshot Switch This will allow to update all components by using snapshot repositories
Confirm Switch Each component being updated will ask for a prompt if the package should be updated. Use this switch to confirm the installation and continue
Force Switch Allows to re-install components in case the no new version was found with the name version
Version String Allows to set a specific version to update the package to

Updating all components

To update all components at once, you can simply run the following command:


This will lookup every single component, check if a new version is available and update it. In case you have JEA enabled, the profile is updated during the process as well.

Updating specific component

To update specific components only, you can use the -Name argument:

Update-Icinga -Name 'plugins;

You have to proceed this step then for all components you want to update.

Updating a component to a specific version

To update a component to a specific version, you can use the -Version argument:

Update-Icinga -Name 'plugins -Version '1.10.0';

Pinned components

If you never want to update a certain component in the near future, you can also pin components a certain version. Once you run an update, the component will be ignored in case the pinned version is already installed.