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Search Repository

Once you added and/or synced your repositories, you can search them for available components.

We can do this with the command Search-IcingaRepository and filter for a component Name, it’s Version and if we want to include Release or Snapshot packages.

List Everything available

At the beginning we can have a full search over all repositories and lookup all components made available by our repositories.

Search-IcingaRepository -Name '*' -Release -Snapshot;

This will print all components including the version, the repository, the source of the repository and the component name.

Note: Disabled repositories are not included inside the search and results.

List Certain Release Component

You can only include certain components for a release branch by using the Name and Release argument:

Search-IcingaRepository -Name 'agent' -Release;

Search For Specific Version

If you want to check if a certain Release version for a component is available inside your repositories, you can specify it with Version:

Search-IcingaRepository -Name 'agent' -Version '2.12.5' -Release;