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Plain config file shipping

Icinga 2 offers a very powerful configuration format. By definition, it isn’t a configuration format at all, it’s a DSL, a Domain Specific Language. There is no chance to implement all of it’s feature in a config tool like Icinga Director, that would make as much sense as trying to create a GUI for Ruby or Perl.

So, sometimes one might want to ship additional hand-crafted Icinga 2 config files not generated by the Director. Sadly, that way you loose a lot of it’s features like tracking changes, keeping deployment history and more. That’s what this part of fileshipper has been designed for. It allows you to tell Director to deploy additional config files without even trying to understand them.

To enable this, please create a directories.ini in this modules config dir, usually /etc/icingaweb2/modules/fileshipper:

source = /usr/local/src/custom-rules.git
target = zones.d/director-global/custom-rules

source = /tmp/replication-test
target = zones.d/director-global/having-fun
extensions = .conf .md

In this example all local files from source will be deployed to the given target directory. Please take care, use of this module requires advanced understanding of Icinga2 configuration. Per default only .conf files are synced, you can override this with a custom space-separated list for the extensions parameter.

In case you want to trigger specific actions like re-rendering or deploying the config on changes you might want to have a look at our sample GIT hook in contrib/git-hooks/post-merge.

When working with Puppet or similar, please consider notifying an exec resource with refreshonly set to true instead.