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Getting started

When new to the Director please make your first steps with a naked Icinga environment. Director is not allowed to modify existing configuration in /etc/icinga2. And while importing existing config is possible (happens for example automagically at kickstart time), it is a pretty advanced task you should not tackle at the early beginning.

Define a new global zone

This zone must exist on every node directly or indirectly managed by the Icinga Director:

object Zone "director-global" {
  global = true

Create an API user

object ApiUser "director" {
  password = "***"
  permissions = [ "*" ]
  //client_cn = ""

To allow the configuration of an API user your Icinga 2 instance needs a zone and an endpoint object for itself. If you have a clustered setup or you are using agents you already have this. If you are using a fresh Icinga 2 installation or a standalone setup with other ways of checking your clients, you will have to create them.

The easiest way to set up Icinga 2 with a zone and endpoint is by running the Icinga 2 Setup Wizard.

Take some time to really understand how to work with Icinga Director first.

Other topics that might interest you

What you should not try to start with

Director has not been built to help you with managing existing hand-crafted configuration in /etc/icinga2. There are cases where it absolutely would make sense to combine the Director with manual configuration. You can also use multiple tools owning separate config packages. But these are pretty advanced topics.