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Welcome to the Icinga Director, the bleeding edge configuration tool for Icinga 2! Developed as an Icinga Web 2 module it aims to be your new favorite Icinga config deployment tool. Even if you prefer plain text files and manual configuration, chances are good that the Director will change your mind.

Director is here to make your life easier. As an Icinga 2 pro you know all the knobs and tricks Icinga2 provides. However, you are not willing to do the same work again and again. Someone wants to add a new server, tweak some thresholds, adjust notifications? They shouldn’t need to bother you.

No way, you might think. You do not trust your users, they might break things. Well… no. Not with the Director. It provides an audit log that shows any single change. You can re-deploy old configurations at any time. And you will be allowed to restrict what your users are allowed to do in a very granular way.

Doing automation? Want to feed your monitoring from your configuration management tool, or from your CMDB? You’ll love the endless possibilities Director provides.

Basic architecture

Icinga Director uses the Icinga 2 API to talk to your monitoring system. It will help you to deploy your configuration, regardless of whether you are using a single node Icinga installation or a distributed setup with multiple masters and satellites.

+------------+     +--------------+    +------------+
| Sat 1 / EU |     | Sat 2 / Asia |    | Sat 3 / US |
+------------+     +--------------+    +------------+
        \           /                    /
         \         /                    /
       +-------------+       +-------------+
       |  Master 1   | <===> |  Master 2   |  (Master-Zone)
       +-------------+       +-------------+
             ^                       ^
             |   Icinga 2 REST API   :
             |                       :
           |       Icinga Director      |

Using the Icinga 2 Agent? Perfect, the Director will make your life much easier!