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Frequently Asked Questions

I got an exception…

This section tries to summarize well known pitfalls and their solution.

Binary data corruption with ZF 1.12.6 and 1.12.17

When deploying your first configuration, you might get this error:

Refusing to render the configuration, your DB layer corrupts
binary data. You might be affected by Zend Framework bug #655

Zend Framework 1.12.16 and 1.12.17 silently corrupt binary data. This has been fixed with 1.12.18, please either upgrade or downgrade to an earlier version. Debian Stable currently ships 1.12.9, but as they backported the involved erraneous security bug their version has been affected too. In the meantime they also backported the fix for the fix, so Debian should no longer show this error.

When you work on a RedHat-based distribution please follow Bug 1328032. The new release reached Fedora EPEL 6 and EPEL 7, so this should no longer be an issue on related platforms.

You could also manually fix this issue in /usr/share/php/Zend/Db/Adapter/Pdo/Abstract.php. Search for the _quote function and delete the line saying:

$value = addcslashes($value, "\000\032");

Please note that doing so would fix all problems, but re-introduce a potential security issue affecting the MSSQL and Sqlite adapters.

Connection error when setting up the database

When setting up and validating a database connection for Director in Icinga Web 2, the following error might occur:

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2014 Cannot execute queries while
other unbuffered queries are active.

This happens with some PHP versions, we have not been able to figure out which ones and why. However, we found a workaround and and fixed this in Icinga Web 2. Please upgrade to the latest version, the issue should then be gone.

You probably didn’t notice this error before as in most environments the IDO for historical reasons isn’t configured for UTF-8.

Connection lost to DB while....

In case you are creating large configs or handling huge imports with the Director it could happen that the default conservative max package size of your MySQL server bites you. Raise max packet size to a reasonable value, this willi usually fix this issue.

Import succeeded but nothing happened

Import and Sync are different tasks, you need to Run both of them. This allows us to combine multiple import sources, even it if some of them are slow or failing from time to time. It’s easy to oversee those links right now, we’ll fix this soon.

My Director doesn’t look as good as on your screenshots

There used to be a bug in older Icinga Web 2 versions that broke automagic cache invalidation. So when updating a module you might be forced to do SHIFT-Reload or similar in your browser. Please note that proxies in the way between you and Icinga Web 2 might currently lead to similar issues.