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Gets Network Time Protocol time(SMTP/NTP) from a specified server

Invoke-IcingaCheckTimeSync connects to an NTP server on UDP default port 123 and retrieves the current NTP time. Selected components of the returned time information are decoded and returned in a hashtable.


No special permissions required.


Argument Type Required Default Description
Server String false The NTP Server you want to connect to.
TimeOffset Object false 0 The maximum acceptable offset between the local clock and the NTP Server, in seconds e.g. if you allow up to 0.5s timeoffset you can also enter 500ms. Invoke-IcingaCheckTimeSync will return OK, if there is no difference between them, WARNING, if the time difference exceeds the Warning threshold, CRITICAL, if the time difference exceeds the Critical threshold.
Warning Object false Used to specify a offset Warning threshold e.g 10ms or 0.01s
Critical Object false Used to specify a offset Critical threshold e.g 20ms or 0.02s.
Timeout Int32 false 10 Seconds before connection times out (default: 10)
IPV4 SwitchParameter false False Use IPV4 connection. Default $FALSE
Port Int32 false 123 Port number (default: 123)
IgnoreService SwitchParameter false False Ignores the W32Time service during check execution and will not throw warning or critical in case the service is not running
NoPerfData SwitchParameter false False
Verbosity Int32 false 0 Changes the behavior of the plugin output which check states are printed: 0 (default): Only service checks/packages with state not OK will be printed 1: Only services with not OK will be printed including OK checks of affected check packages including Package config 2: Everything will be printed regardless of the check state 3: Identical to Verbose 2, but prints in addition the check package configuration e.g (All must be [OK])
ThresholdInterval String Change the value your defined threshold checks against from the current value to a collected time threshold of the Icinga for Windows daemon, as described here. An example for this argument would be 1m or 15m which will use the average of 1m or 15m for monitoring.


Example Command 1

Invoke-IcingaCheckTimeSync -Server '' -TimeOffset 10ms -Warning 10ms -Critical 20ms -Verbosity 2

Example Output 1

\_ [OK] Check package "Time Package" (Match All)
\_ [OK] Sync Status: NoLeapWarning
\_ [WARNING] Time Offset: Value "0.02s" is greater than threshold "0.01s"
\_ [OK] Time Service: Running
| 'time_offset'=0.02s;0.01;0.02 'time_service'=4;;4

Example Command 2

Invoke-IcingaCheckTimeSync -Server '' -TimeOffset 50ms -Warning 10ms -Critical 20ms -Verbosity 2

Example Output 2

\_ [OK] Sync Status: NoLeapWarning
\_ [OK] Time Offset: 0s
\_ [OK] Time Service: Running
| 'time_offset'=0s;0.01;0.02 'time_service'=4;;4