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Determines the current state of the Hyper-V virtual machine.

Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVVMHealth determines the current state of all available Hyper-V virtual machines by default. It also offers you the possibility to ex/include virtual machines with wildcard search i.e. if you enter the following -IncludeVms *test* as parameter, only VMs will be added to the check, which the name of the VMs contains this wildcard name.


To execute this plugin you will require to grant the following user permissions.

WMI Permissions

  • Root\Virtualization\v2
  • Root\Cimv2

Performance Counter

  • Processor(*)\% processor time

Required User Groups

  • Performance Monitor Users
  • Hyper-V Administrator


Argument Type Required Default Description
IncludeVms Array false @() Include only virtual machines with a specific name. Supports wildcard usage (*)
ExcludeVms Array false @() Exclude virtual machines with a specific name. Supports wildcard usage (*)
ActiveVms SwitchParameter false False Include only virtual machines that are currently running
NoPerfData SwitchParameter false False Disables the performance data output of this plugin.
SkipVMHeartbeat SwitchParameter false False Skips the current virtual machine heartbeat status check.
VmEnabledState Object false Critical threshold for the Hyper-V VM current status
NegateVMState SwitchParameter false False Negates the VmEnabledState of this plugin and will then report all Vms CRITICAL, in case they are not matching the VmEnabledState.
Verbosity Object false 0 Changes the behavior of the plugin output which check states are printed: 0 (default): Only service checks/packages with state not OK will be printed 1: Only services with not OK will be printed including OK checks of affected check packages including Package config 2: Everything will be printed regardless of the check state


Example Command 1

icinga { Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVVMHealth -ActiveVms -IncludeVms '*sales*' -Verbosity 2 }

Example Output 1

[OK] Check package "Virtual Computers" (Match All)\_ [OK] Check package "vm-01" (Match All)\_ [OK] vm-01 HealthState: OK\_ [OK] vm-01 Heartbeat: OK\_ [OK] vm-01 State: Enabled\_ [OK] Check package "vm-02" (Match All)\_ [OK] vm-02 HealthState: OK\_ [OK] vm-02 Heartbeat: OK\_ [OK] vm-02 State: Enabled\_ [OK] Check package "vm-03" (Match All)\_ [OK] vm-03 HealthState: OK\_ [OK] vm-03 Heartbeat: OK\_ [OK] vm-03 State: Enabled\_ [OK] Check package "vm-04" (Match All)\_ [OK] vm-04 HealthState: OK\_ [OK] vm-04 Heartbeat: OK\_ [OK] vm-04 State: Enabled\_ [OK] Check package "vm-05" (Match All)\_ [OK] vm-05 HealthState: OK\_ [OK] vm-05 Heartbeat: OK\_ [OK] vm-05 State: Enabled\_ [OK] Check package "vm-06" (Match All)\_ [OK] vm-06 HealthState: OK\_ [OK] vm-06 Heartbeat: OK\_ [OK] vm-06 State: Enabled| 'vm01_healthstate'=5;; 'vm01_state'=2;; 'vm01_heartbeat'=2;; 'vm02_heartbeat'=2;; 'vm02_state'=2;; 'vm02_healthstate'=5;; 'vm03_heartbeat'=2;;'vm03_healthstate'=5;; 'vm03_state'=2;; 'vm04_heartbeat'=2;; 'vm04_state'=2;; 'vm04_healthstate'=5;; 'vm05_state'=2;; 'vm05_healthstate'=5;; 'vm05_heartbeat'=2;; 'vm06_healthstate'=5;; 'vm06_state'=2;; 'vm06_heartbeat'=2;;0