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Checks the general availability, state and health of the Hyper-V server.

Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVHealth determines the availability, state and health of the Hyper-V server. It also checks if required Hyper-V services are running including the VMM agent.


To execute this plugin you will require to grant the following user permissions.

WMI Permissions

  • Root\Virtualization\v2
  • Root\Cimv2

Required User Groups

  • Hyper-V Administrator


Argument Type Required Default Description
NoPerfData SwitchParameter false False Disables the performance data output of this plugin
Verbosity Object false 0 Changes the behavior of the plugin output which check states are printed: 0 (default): Only service checks/packages with state not OK will be printed 1: Only services with not OK will be printed including OK checks of affected check packages including Package config 2: Everything will be printed regardless of the check state


Example Command 1

Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVHealth -Verbosity 2

Example Output 1

[CRITICAL] Check package "Hyper-V Health Package" (Match All) - [CRITICAL] vmms Communication Status\_ [CRITICAL] Check package "vmms Status" (Match All)\_ [OK] vmms Health State: OK\_ [OK] Check package "Services Package" (Match All)\_ [OK] vmcompute Status: Running\_ [OK] vmicguestinterface Status: Stopped\_ [OK] vmicheartbeat Status: Stopped\_ [OK] vmickvpexchange Status: Stopped\_ [OK] vmicrdv Status: Stopped\_ [OK] vmicshutdown Status: Stopped\_ [OK] vmictimesync Status: Stopped\_ [OK] vmicvmsession Status: Stopped\_ [OK] vmicvss Status: Stopped\_ [OK] vmms Status: Running|2