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Checks the state and availability of a Cluster Service

Invoke-IcingaCheckClusterHealth checks generally for the state of the Cluster, i.e. it checks if the Cluster service is running properly, the state of all Cluster Nodes and all Cluster Resources like “Task scheduler”, “Clustername” etc. If the Cluster Main Server fails, the check is automatically CRITICAL, because then the cluster is no longer available and the cluster service is Stopped.


To execute this plugin you will require to grant the following user permissions.

WMI Permissions

  • Root\MSCluster
  • Root\Cimv2

Cluster Permissions

  • Read-Only access on cluster ressource


Argument Type Required Default Description
NoPerfData SwitchParameter false False Disables the performance data output of this plugin
Verbosity Object false 0 Changes the behavior of the plugin output which check states are printed: 0 (default): Only service checks/packages with state not OK will be printed 1: Only services with not OK will be printed including OK checks of affected check packages including Package config 2: Everything will be printed regardless of the check state


Example Command 1

icinga { Invoke-IcingaCheckClusterHealth -Verbosity 2; }

Example Output 1

[OK] Check package "Cluster Services" (Match All)\_ [OK] ClusSvc Status: Running\_ [OK] Check package "Cluster Nodes" (Match All)\_ [OK] Check package "lcontreras-wind" (Match All)\_ [OK] #1 State: Up\_ [OK] #1 Status Information: Normal\_ [OK] Check package "yhabteab-window" (Match All)\_ [OK] #2 State: Up\_ [OK] #2 Status Information: Normal\_ [OK] Check package "Cluster Resources" (Match All)\_ [OK] Cluster-IP-Adresse Status: Online\_ [OK] Clustername Status: Online\_ [OK] Task Scheduler Status: Online| 'clussvc_status'=4;;4 'clusteripadresse_status'=2;3;4 'clustername_status'=2;3;4 'task_scheduler_status'=2;3;4 '2_status_information'=0;;2 '2_state'=0;-1;2 '1_state'=0;-1;2 '1_status_information'=0;;20