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Icinga Director Integration

You do not need to manually create a NotificationCommand definition. This module integrates nicely with the Icinga Director and allows you to generate definitions for hosts and services with a single click.

Please note that this option will not be shown unless you have director/admin permissions. This is how it looks like on a fresh installation:

Director - NotificationCommand missing

Now, please click the Sync to Director action link:

You should be notified about the succesful operation, and the sync state will get green:

Director - NotificationCommand created

And don’t worry, you can click the Sync action as many times as you want, nothing bad will happen. In case you modified your definition in the Director, this will be recognized - and a single click will allow you to restore the defaults. Of course only in case this is what you want to happen.

A single click on the object name brings you directly to the related Command definition in your Director module.