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The configuration is stored in /etc/icingadb/icingadb.ini.

General Configuration

Redis Configuration

Data resource where Icinga 2 is writing monitoring data.

Option Description
host Optional. Redis host. Defaults to
port Optional. Redis port. Defaults to 6380.
pool_size Optional. Maximum number of socket connections. Defaults to 64.

MySQL Configuration

Data resource where IcingaDB stores synced data and historical events.

Option Description
host Optional. MySQL host. Defaults to
port Optional. MySQL port. Defaults to 3306.
database Optional. MySQL database. Defaults to icingadb.
user Optional. MySQL username.
password Optional. MySQL password.
max_open_conns Optional. Maximum number of open connections. Defaults to 50.

Logging Configuration

Option Description
level Optional. Specifies the logging level. Can be set to error, warn, info or debug. See the logrus spec.

Prometheus Metrics Configuration

Option Description
host Optional. Prometheus metrics endpoint host.
port Optional. Prometheus metrics endpoint port.