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Installing Icinga DB

The recommended way to install Icinga DB is to use prebuilt packages for all supported platforms from our official release repository. Please follow the steps listed for your target operating system, which guide you through setting up the repository and installing Icinga DB.

To upgrade an existing Icinga DB installation to a newer version, see the Upgrading documentation for the necessary steps.

Icinga DB Daemon

Before installing Icinga DB, make sure you have installed Icinga 2, set up a RedisĀ® server, and enabled the icingadb feature. The Icinga 2 installation documentation covers all the necessary steps. Additionally, Icinga offers the icingadb-redis package for all supported operating systems, which ships an up-to-date RedisĀ® open source server version and is pre-configured for the Icinga DB components.


Although Icinga DB can run anywhere in an Icinga environment, we recommend to install it where the corresponding Icinga 2 node and RedisĀ® server is running to keep latency between the components low.