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The preferred way of installing Icinga Web 2 is to use the official package repositories depending on which operating system and distribution you are running.

Please follow the steps listed for your operating system. Packages for distributions other than the ones listed here may also be available. Please refer to for a full list of available community repositories.

Browser Support

Icinga Web 2 and modules made by Icinga don’t require a particular browser or set of browsers. The vendor of the browser in question doesn’t matter much. However, the features a browser supports do.

This generally applies to CSS and Javascript features. Since there a plethora of features in each category which Icinga Web 2 and modules may require, we will only mention the most prominent feature or sub-category here:

If your desired browser and its version is showing up in green when visiting the respective link, it’s probably okay to use it for Icinga Web 2.


In case you are upgrading from an older version of Icinga Web 2 please make sure to read the upgrading section thoroughly.