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Icinga 2 Checks

This module brings an icingacli command to check if certain events are present in Elasticsearch.


The following will check if there are more than 3 (warning) or 5 (critical) events of severity critical from the host in the data from the last hour.

  • The instance is the same which was set in the modules configuration
  • The values of crit and warn are just numerical thresholds
  • index is set to an index pattern in Elasticsearch. It’s a pattern that has to match all index names to search
  • As a filter the check takes a filter in Icinga Web 2’s filter syntax. These are comparisons of fields in Elasticsearch to values
# icingacli elasticsearch check --instance elasticsearch --crit 5 --warn 3 --index logstash* --filter " AND severity=critical" --from -1h