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  • Icinga Web 2 >= 2.4.2
  • PHP version 5.6.x or 7.x
  • php-curl
  • Elasticsearch >= 5.x


As with any Icinga Web 2 module, installation is pretty straight-forward. You just have to drop the module into the /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/elasticsearch directory. Please note that the directory name must be elasticsearch and nothing else. If you want to use a different directory, make sure it is within the module path of Icinga Web 2.

git clone /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/elasticsearch

The module can be enabled through the web interface (Configuration -> Modules -> elasticsearch) or via the CLI:

icingacli module enable elasticsearch


Before the Elasticsearch module can display anything, you have to configure at least one instance and one event type. Read the Configuration section for details.