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In case you want to fetch data via REST API, the following endpoints have been implemented:


URL Parameters

Parameter Description
vcenter= UUID, e.g. de037ec0-20b7-4f63-a341-124f9977f15e
parent= Parent (folder) UUID, e.g. de037ec0-20b7-4f63-a341-124f9977f15e
showDescendants Boolean, default true: whether to show all descendants of the
specified parent, or just directly attached objects
Syntax: &showDescendants, &!showDescendants
Also supported: &showDescendants=1, &showDescendants=0

This exportes a fixed set of properties, corresponding to those which are also being exported to the Icinga Director. State-related properties do not make part of this property set.

Main table URLs

If above export doesn’t fit your needs, you could also check our main Host, Virtual Machine or Datastore tables. They allow for custom columns, and provide a related “Download” action, which is accessible via REST too:


To get a REST/JSON response for those endpoints, please use Accept: application/json in your request header. In addition to the columns for our vspheredb/*/export URLs, they also support the following:

Parameter Description
columns=[,] comma-separated list of column names. Please check our UI
for a list of allowed values. They might change over time