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Monitoring Rules

Our simple Check Commands have been available since a long time, but since v1.4 they learned many new tricks, and their behavior can be tweaked directly in the Web frontend. Via Monitoring Rules you can reach the related overview page:

Monitoring Rules - Menu

Please navigate to Hosts, Virtual Machines or Data Stores for a related tree representation:

Monitoring Rule Hierarchy

This depends on whether and how you organized your vSphere Objects in folders. At every level in this hierarchy, you can configure, override and also disable related Checks:

Monitoring Rules

Some Rules allow for multiple instances, currently Disk Checks are the only such implementation:

Monitoring Disks

You can add as many variants as you want at every node, and you can still extend, override or even disable them for a specific subtree.

All changes, once stored, have immediate effect on related Check Commands:

Sample Check Command Output

Virtual Machines are the object type with the most available Rule Types for now. They offer a related Monitoring tab to show what the Check Command would tell you:

Monitoring Details - UI

You can show applied settings in case you need to investigate a specific Check:

Show Rule-related settings

If you want to execute the related Check Plugin, please read more about our Check Commands.