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Configuration Branches

The Director Branches module does not require any configuration. Once it’s installed and enabled it will hook into Icinga Director and you will see a couple of new entries within Director’s dashboard.

Director Branches menu overview

Working with Configuration Branches

Configuration Branches enable you to create and modify your Icinga 2 configuration in a parallel branch. This allows you to prepare your changes calmly, while not blocking Configuration Deployments from other users.

To get started, you first create a new branch and activate it by hitting the “Activate” button. Once you activate the branch you can start modifying your configurations. You will see hint’s about the currently active branch everywhere where configuration can be changed.

Merge Branches

Once you are finished with your configuration updates, you create a Merge Request to merge your changes back to the main Director branch. Deploying configuration updates is only possible from the main branch.

As an administrator, you will receive the Merge Requests from other users for review. A summary of the changes provides a general overview over the changes made by the user. Additionally, you can switch into the users Branch at any time, to see all changes they made in detail.

Each Merge Request contains a comment to summarize the configuration changes. This comment is later displayed in the Activity Log. If no comment is provided by the user, one will be autogenerated.

Activity Log Comments

Activity Log with Comments

When using Director Branches, the Activity Log of Icinga Director will be split into two parts. On the top you will see only the changes made within a Configuration Branch. The lower diplays all entries from the Main Branch, which is used to deploy configuration updates. Additionally, each entry is connected to a comment.

Activity Log


The current release does not allow the following configuration modifications. These changes will be possible in a later release.

  • Create Host templates
  • Create Service templates