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Director Branches comes with different permissions to limit the usage of the module and lock users or teams into enforced Configuration Branches.

  • create: Allow to create custom branches
  • merge: Allow to merge custom branches
  • read-all: Allow read access to all branches
  • enforced-branch: Lock user to a specific branch

Enforced Branch for Single Users

A single user can be locked into one branch by setting the enforced-branch restriction to <username>. The variable <username> will be translated into the users actual username, eg bob.

Once the user bob logs in, Director Branches will automatically create a Configuration Branch called enforced/bob. This branch will be activated automatically for that user.

The user may create Merge Requests at any time. Once the enforced branch merged, it will be automatically recreated. You can delete the Configuration Branch at any time as well, it will always be recreated.

Enforced Branch for Teams

To lock a team of multiple users into a dedicated Configuration Branch it’s recommended to add a dedicated role for that team. Within that role you set the enforced-branch permission to the teams name, eg. storage.

Each team member can see the changes of other members and create Merge Requests. The teams branch is recreated automatically every time it gets merged into the main branch.

Default Branch configuration

You can also opt for a specific branch being your default branch after every login. The related default-branch restriction offers the same features as the enforced-branch restriction does.