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State Overrides

Business processes utilize their children’s states to calculate their own state. While you can influence this with operators, it’s also possible to override individual states. (This applies to host and service nodes.)

Configuring Overrides

State overrides get configured per node. When adding or editing a node, you can define which state should be overridden with another one.

Below WARNING is chosen as a replacement for CRITICAL.

Service State Override Configuration

Identifying Overrides

In tile view overridden states are indicated by an additional state ball in the lower left of a tile. This is then the actual state the object is in.

Overridden Tile State

In tree view overridden states are indicated on the very right of a row. There the actual state is shown and which one it is replaced with.

Overridden Tree State

File Format Extensions

The configuration file format has slightly been changed to accommodate state overrides. Though, previous configurations are perfectly upwards compatible.

New Extra Line

For process nodes a new extra line is used to store state overrides.

state_overrides dev_database_servers!mysql;mysql|2-1

The full syntax for this is as follows:

state_overrides <process>!<child>|n-n[!<child>|n-n[,n-n]]