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Upgrading Icinga DB Web

Specific version upgrades are described below. Please note that version upgrades are incremental. If you are upgrading across multiple versions, make sure to follow the steps for each of them.

Upgrading to Icinga DB Web v1.1

Breaking Changes

We’ve extended our filter syntax to include new signs for like and unlike comparisons. These are ~ and !~, respectively. The equal (=) and unequal (!=) operators won’t perform any wildcard matching anymore due to this. If you have dashboards, navigation items or bookmarks that attempt to perform wildcard matching with equal/ unequal comparisons, the migration widget in the top right will toggle and suggest you an automatically transformed alternative.

Please note that due to our release process, this change already affects installations of Icinga DB Web v1.0.x.

The module’s migration command already performs the transformations necessary once you migrate navigation items, dashboards and roles. (As described in the Migration chapter.) If you already migrated such manually in the past, and you don’t want to perform the entire migration again, you can use the following command to only transform filters of such:

icingacli icingadb migrate filter [--no-backup]

By default, this creates backups of menu items, dashboards and roles. Pass --no-backup to disable this.

Upgrading to Icinga DB Web v1.0


  • You need at least Icinga DB version 1.0.0 to run Icinga DB Web v1.0.0.

Configuration Changes

  • The restrictions icingadb/blacklist/routes and icingadb/blacklist/variables have been renamed to icingadb/denylist/routes and icingadb/denylist/variables respectively. If you use this restriction, make sure to adjust /etc/icingaweb2/roles.ini accordingly.