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  • Icinga Web 2 (>= 2.6)
  • PHP (>= 5.6, preferably 7.x)
  • MySQL or MariaDB
  • Icinga Web 2 modules:
  • reporting (>= 0.9)

Database Setup

The module ships with database functions for calculating the host and service availability in etc/schema/.

Please import those files into your Icinga database.

The following example assumes that your Icinga database and user is named icinga2:

mysql -p -u icinga2 icinga2 < schema/slaperiods.sql
mysql -p -u icinga2 icinga2 < schema/get_sla_ok_percent.sql


  1. Just drop this module to a idoreports subfolder in your Icinga Web 2 module path.

  2. Log in with a privileged user in Icinga Web 2 and enable the module in Configuration -> Modules -> idoreports. Or use the icingacli and run icingacli module enable idoreports.

This concludes the installation. You should now be able to create host and service availability reports.