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This module allows to send notifications to JIRA and integrates nicely into the Icinga Web 2 frontend.


NotificationCommand for Icinga

You want to create a JIRA issue for all or some of your Hosts and Services? Then this project might be what you’re looking for. Sending notifications is as easy as follows:

icingacli jira send problem \
  --host \
  --state DOWN \
  --project ITSM \
  --issuetype Incident \
  --output 'CRITICAL - rta nan, lost 100%'

Read more about sending notifications.

Icinga Director Integration

You do not want to manually create a NotificationCommand definition? No need to do so. Given director/admin permissions, this module allows you to generate definitions for hosts and services with a single click.

Icinga Director Integration

Have a look at out short tutorial, showing how this works.

Brief issue history overview

Granted access to this module you can get a quick overview showing the most recent JIRA issues created by Icinga. Read more about what information we’re going to show.

Issue list and details

Monitoring module hook

This module hooks into the monitoring module and provides so-called Host and Service Action Hooks:

Monitoring Action Hook

A single click brings you to your Host (or Service) issue history.

Getting started

It’s free and Open Source, so what are you waiting for? Please read on how to install and configure this module.