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This module allows to send notifications to Jira and integrates nicely into the Icinga Web 2 frontend.


NotificationCommand for Icinga

You want to create a Jira issue for all or some of your Hosts and Services? Then this project might be what you’re looking for. Sending notifications is as easy as follows:

icingacli jira send problem \
  --host \
  --state DOWN \
  --project ITSM \
  --issuetype Incident \
  --output 'CRITICAL - rta nan, lost 100%'

Read more about sending notifications.

Icinga Director Integration

You do not want to manually create a NotificationCommand definition? No need to do so. Given director/admin permissions, this module allows you to generate definitions for hosts and services with a single click.

Icinga Director Integration

Have a look at our short tutorial, showing how this works.

Brief issue history overview

Granted access to this module you can get a quick overview showing the most recent Jira issues created by Icinga. Read more about what information we’re going to show.

Issue list and details

Monitoring / Icinga DB Web integration

This module hooks into the monitoring or icingadb module and provides so-called Host and Service Action Hooks:

Monitoring Action Hook

A single click brings you to your Host (or Service) issue history.

Getting started

Please read on how to install and configure this module.