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Checks the current state for a list of specified tasks based on their name and prints the result

Check for a list of tasks by their name and compare their current state with a plugin argument to determine the plugin output. States of tasks not matching the plugin argument will return [CRITICAL], while all other tasks will return [OK]. For not found tasks we will return [UNKNOWN] More Information on


Argument Type Required Default Description
TaskName Array false A list of tasks to check for. If your tasks contain spaces, wrap them around a ‘ to ensure they are properly handled as string
State String false The state a task should currently have for the plugin to return [OK] Force the usage of IPv6 addresses for ICMP calls by using a hostname
NoPerfData SwitchParameter false False Set this argument to not write any performance data
Verbosity Int32 false 0 Increase the printed output message by adding additional details or print all data regardless of their status


Example Command 1

Invoke-IcingaCheckScheduledTask -TaskName 'AutomaticBackup', 'Windows Backup Monitor' -State 'Ready';

Example Output 1

[OK] Check package "Scheduled Tasks"| 'automaticbackup_microsoftwindowswindowsbackup'=Ready;;Ready 'windows_backup_monitor_microsoftwindowswindowsbackup'=Ready;;Ready

Example Command 2

Invoke-IcingaCheckScheduledTask -TaskName 'AutomaticBackup', 'Windows Backup Monitor' -State 'Disabled';

Example Output 2

[CRITICAL] Check package "Scheduled Tasks" - [CRITICAL] AutomaticBackup (\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsBackup\), Windows Backup Monitor (\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsBackup\)\_ [CRITICAL] Check package "\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsBackup\"\_ [CRITICAL] AutomaticBackup (\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsBackup\): Value "Ready" is not matching threshold "Disabled"\_ [CRITICAL] Windows Backup Monitor (\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsBackup\): Value "Ready" is not matching threshold "Disabled"| 'automaticbackup_microsoftwindowswindowsbackup'=Ready;;Disabled 'windows_backup_monitor_microsoftwindowswindowsbackup'=Ready;;Disabled