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Installing Icinga Cube on Raspbian

The recommended way to install Icinga Cube is to use prebuilt packages from our official release repository. If the repository is not configured yet, please add it first before installing the package.

All packages we provide are signed with the following key.

Adding Icinga Package Repository

Here’s how to add the official release repository:

apt update
apt -y install apt-transport-https wget gnupg

wget -O - | gpg --dearmor -o /usr/share/keyrings/icinga-archive-keyring.gpg

DIST=$(awk -F"[)(]+" '/VERSION=/ {print $2}' /etc/os-release); \
 echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/icinga-archive-keyring.gpg] icinga-${DIST} main" > \
 echo "deb-src [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/icinga-archive-keyring.gpg] icinga-${DIST} main" >> \

apt update

Installing the Package

Use your distribution’s package manager to install the icinga-cube package as follows:

apt install icinga-cube

Configuring Icinga Cube

No additional steps are required to set up Icinga Cube and it is ready to use right after installation.