Icinga Reporting – For Icinga-Web & Classic UI Users

In version 1.5, we released an Icinga Reporting Cronk pre-installed in the Icinga-Web interface. Though Icinga-Web users maybe happy, perhaps Icinga Classic users might appreciate the ability to generate flash looking reports too. Good news is, Icinga Reporting can also be used as an add-on to the JasperReports interface to edit, generate and send reports using data from the Icinga Core.
Integrating Icinga Reporting is simple, all you require is:
– a JasperReports server,
Icinga Core with a configured MySQL database and IDOUtils enabled
Icinga Reporting package
and the rest is very simple, as ernestoongaro shows in his Youtube webcast:

JasperReports Server with Icinga Monitoring
(Part 1: Installation)

Also, for those who would like to edit the existing report templates or create their own, ernestoongaro gives a quick introduction to Jasper’s iReport WYSIWG editor:

JasperReports Server with Icinga Monitoring
(Part 2: Usage & Basic Report Development)


Cheers to Ernesto for his easy-to-follow webcasts!
More information
Read more on Icinga Reporting’s features and how Icinga Reporting works. To get installation advice, see our Icinga Reporting Wiki articles.

YouTube: Icinga vs Nagios – What’s the difference?

Yep, we did it. We’ve finally tackled it head on and answered that nagging question – What’s the difference between Icinga and Nagios?
Indeed a year on, Icinga has ascended above the status of a mere fork. After implementing 400+ patches, bug fixes and feature requests, as well as a flexible API based system architecture – Icinga is now a piece of monitoring software to reckon with.
See for yourself, the differences in the system architecture, web interface, addon development style and above all the team and community that are behind it – on YouTube!

YouTube: Icinga Web 0.9.1 Beta Webcast

Every now and then, we hear: “Yeah, Icinga looks good… but really what’s the difference?”
So we decided to show you and the rest of the surfers out there, one big aspect that makes Icinga stand out from the crowd. The web team here has created an interface that is so flexible, customisable and insanely easy to use that can’t possibly be missed. So we’ve youtube-d it!
Check out the webcast to:

  • Get familiar with the dashboard set up
  • Watch the AJAX search in action
  • See how to create your own views with filters
  • Send compound commands
  • Combine 2 views in 1
  • Move around the dynamic status maps
  • Adjust multi-principle user settings

… and all the other ins and outs of the interface. Happy viewing!