Streamed: Icinga at the OSMC 2010 online

Compliments of Linux Magazin, a streamed video of our presentation at the Open Source Monitoring Conference is now available for all to view.  October 2010, Bernd stepped up to the mic on behalf Michael F, Lara, Marius, Ricardo, Jannis, Karo and Scott who were all there (on/off stage, calling in from Oz) to represent the team.
In the presentation, he introduced Icinga’s technical foundations and explained plans to improve Icinga’s architecture to better solve problems in distributed and large environments and bring greater redundancy. Current REST API development was also on show, alongside a demo of the classic and new web interface with integrated Jasper reporting and Business Process Addon views.
After sharing Icinga’s roadmap the team topped it all off with a surprise release of Icinga Mobile offering of course a live demo. Keep your ears perked for the rustle of smart phones pulled out from pockets in the crowd, as the demo took on a more collective nature.

Though it was presented in German, the slides are completely in English.
View the streamed presentation at and enjoy!

Icinga 1.2 unified stable released!

Live from OSMC in Nuremberg – we did it! Icinga 1.2 hits the next level of opensource monitoring!
Bringing you the latest Icinga release – unified version 1.2 for core, classic ui, idoutils, docs, api and web 🙂
New Icinga-Web features long awaited PNP4Nagios Integration (have a look in etc/contrib/) and missing comments integrated into hosts and services view. Next to that we’ve added PENDING states to reflect checks not yet executed while the live search for objects performs excellent. Having trouble with upgrading and overwritten? This is now history, place your custom configuration into site xml files which won’t get overwritten! We have also added new translations and a fresh icon set for your pleasure.
Icinga Classic UI is not dead – we’ve added more great features and enhancements: multiple delete for downtimes and comments is now available. Ever wanted CSV Output on all CGIs, not parsing HTML Output? We just did it, watch out for “Export to CSV” within the Classic UI! Thanks to Jochen Bern, the config command expander is now integrated and will help you in “translating” check_command and command_line to the shell command Icinga core will attempt to execute. Comments are now tooltips on status.cgi – this nice enhancement has also been added to beautified cmd.cgi. The menu has been reworked a bit, adding unhandled problems again. Next to that, several fixes for Solaris segfaults and the complete drop of php as a dependency for the Classic UI.
Icinga Core does not skip hostchecks anymore, if servicechecks disabled. Furthermore, scheduled downtime notifications are not sent anymore on restart/reload. An eventhandler override has been added to in order to support mod_gearman. The core dumps on Solaris and gcc3 are all resolved! Meanwhile, Icinga IDOUtils had a significant forking problem when the database connection was not available. Debugged and fixed. Hooray!
Last, but not least – Icinga documentation in English and German features a lot of changes invoked through ongoing development, but also several new sections as mentioned for Icinga Web Introduction, Icinga Web REST API or even complete docs on external commands for Icinga Core.
A new reporting package for Jasper has been in the works – we’ve added docs and a first package while shipping Icinga 1.2!
We hope you enjoy Icinga 1.2 and love it as we do =)
Feedback, feature requests or bug reports much appreciated!

Icinga Web Sneak Preview

The stable icinga-web release is just around the corner. We present some new features:

  • Pending states: shows a special status for checks that have not yet been executed
  • Better logging, stricter errors: More about what icinga-web is doing, catch strict errors
  • Site configuration: Place your custom configuration into site xml files which are not overwritten
  • Comments for hosts and services seamlessly integrated
  • PNP4Nagios: integrated on the fly if you want
  • Search for objects performs excellently!
  • Device icons from the icinga configuration

Stay tuned for more and see you soon at the OSMC!

Do-It-Yourself: Translate Icinga Web

NOTE (Added 12 Dec 2012): The Icinga Web translation project is now closed. We thank everyone who has added their words in any language to Icinga Web!
Since our latest release of Icinga web, we’ve been getting a good lot of interest from all around. So we thought we’d better find a way of catering to the many users that are starting to come onboard.
We came up with – a place for anyone and everyone to add their word or two to Icinga’s web interface, in over 110 languages from Spanish to Japanese, Flemish to Punjabi. Based on Pootle, the open source translation tool used by bigwigs like Mozilla and Word Press, we thought it could be a little overkill – but who knows who might one day need Icinga?
All that matters is that it’s user friendly and the Icinga team can upload files to be translated, that go automatically into our git repositories for easy incorporation into the source code.
Pop us a message if you’ve got a language you want to translate to, at the moment we have files in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish waiting for your input. All you need to do is login with your usual Icinga account (or register for one here) and off you go!