YouTube: Icinga Web 0.9.1 Beta Webcast

Every now and then, we hear: “Yeah, Icinga looks good… but really what’s the difference?”
So we decided to show you and the rest of the surfers out there, one big aspect that makes Icinga stand out from the crowd. The web team here has created an interface that is so flexible, customisable and insanely easy to use that can’t possibly be missed. So we’ve youtube-d it!
Check out the webcast to:

  • Get familiar with the dashboard set up
  • Watch the AJAX search in action
  • See how to create your own views with filters
  • Send compound commands
  • Combine 2 views in 1
  • Move around the dynamic status maps
  • Adjust multi-principle user settings

… and all the other ins and outs of the interface. Happy viewing!

Coming soon: Icinga Web 0.9.1 beta new features

With just a few days till release, everything on the Icinga Web timeline is going to plan. To whet your appetite we have a few new features as promised:
Compound commands: Simply check the tick boxes for whichever hosts, services or groups you would like to simultaneously send a command to.
Persistence: Views and filters are automatically saved to reappear when you return and can be renamed for future reference.
Extra flexible user settings: Above and beyond the classic contact group restriction, confine who can access custom variables, initiate commands, view specific host and service groups. Even categorise cronks and views for specific user groups.

Status icons:
See at a glance if checks, notifications and event handlers have been enabled / disabled, if hosts are in downtime or acknowledged.
Hope you are looking forward to them as much as we do. As always, your views and feedback are welcome.