Icinga mailing lists moved to lists.icinga.org

Dear community,
2014 is upon us and we’re cleaning up a bit, as usual. One of the things we were not able to finish in 2013 was the syncing of our Git mirror on Github to receive pull requests and push release tarballs  there. This is currently at a testing-only phase, and an announcement is to come.
We decided to move away from Sourceforge a while ago, and the last bit still left to migrate were the Icinga mailing lists and archives. In the past couple of days we’ve installed a new box to host Mailman on https://lists.icinga.org – and of course migrated all existing archives to preserve Icinga’s support history 🙂
Existing users have been auto-subscribed to the new lists – all credentials have been pre-generated (sorry for any inconvenience). Furthermore the sender’s address has now been changed to ‘listname@lists.icinga.org’. So check your mail filters, if necessary. Further details on the mailing lists can be found on our support page.
Having finished that small cleanup, there’s a new thing too – an Icinga announcement mailing list where we will be pushing our release updates on Icinga 1.x, Icinga 2, Icinga Web 2 and other interesting stuff – ad-free of course 🙂
All the best for 2014!

Top 10 Ways to Say ‘Thank You for the Awesome Software”


Reaching for new monitoring heights together – Icinga community spirit

Every now and again we get a compliment or two on how amazing Icinga is. These moments always bring a smile to our faces, but to be honest… what really floats our collective Icinga boat is some sort of community love.

There are so many forms this can come in that many are just not aware of. So we’ve put a list of the top 10 ways to say “thank you for the awesome software”:

10. Spread the word

Twitter-13Whether on Twitter, Facebook or your own blog, if you think Icinga is good then help us share it with the world.  If you run Icinga at work or for charity, you can even make your recommendation official by joining our Icinga Users.

9. Offer an idea to improve Icinga

FeedbackIdeasDid you know Icinga Mobile started from an idea off our Icinga Feedback channel? For all those times you think, “if only Icinga had…” don’t keep it to yourself – let the community know! It could just be that hundreds of other users could do with that one killer feature that your idea would have inspired.

8. Share how you did it

WikiFrom installation on Debian and optimizing IDOUtils to integrating PNP graphs and implementing NSCA – if you have done it before, why not share how you did it by writing a guide on Icinga Wiki or Icinga Docs? Plenty of users would thank you for it.

7. Share a plugin or addon

MonitoringExchangeThere are thousands of plugins and addons available on repositories such as MonitoringExchange.org. These were all written by users before you, who were kind enough to share their work and save you from reinventing the wheel each time you integrate a new service. If you write a plugin then pay it forward!

6. Help a fellow user

Mailing-Lists-13You know that feeling when you get stuck configuring Icinga to check SNMP? After scouring the docs, wiki and web, when you finally find that one person who has had the exact same issue and knows how to solve it – don’t you just want to run up and give them a virtual hug?
Thankfully the good karma goes both ways, you can give and receive help and hugs on our user mailing list, IRC user channel and the monitoring-portal.org community forum.

5. Report a bug

ReportABugPerhaps you have noticed that something is a tad strange in logs since the last release. Help us all out by reporting a bug on our Icinga Development tracker so that we can weed it out quickly.

4. Test Icinga

TestIcingaTo save you from reporting bugs post release, we usually present a beta release a week or two prior to the final one. This is the best time to find bugs without the pain of picking them out in a production environment. So help us test, test, test!

3. Submit a patch

SubmitPatchIf you find a bug and know how to get rid of it, we welcome you to write a patch and submit it for review and application. Check out our Developer Guidelines to make sure it goes upstream the first time. When it does, we’ll salute you through our credit roll in change log of each release.

2. Package Icinga for others

Package-Linux-iconWe’re lucky that maintainers have come on board to serve up pre-packaged Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Gentoo, etc. versions of Icinga. However, there are plenty of distributions that are still awaiting Icinga packages. If you know your distro well, get in touch with us.

1. Help code Icinga

HelpCode-13There is no better way to say thank you than to contribute to the Icinga code itself. If you are ready to commit (pun intended) to developing the best open source monitoring software on the planet, we love to hear from you on our IRC developer channel and devel-mailing list.
Icinga is nothing without you, our community. Your contributions – be it patches, bug reports, wiki guides or helpful online advice – are all the thanks that we, the Icinga community could ever need.

Thanks to ImmobilienScout24

Recently Team Icinga released a new core version 1.9.2 with significantly increased performance in the IDO component. All team members invest a lot of their time to make Icinga better and better, but sometimes we are really glad to receive some external support. In this particular case ImmobilienScout24 helped us by sponsoring the necessary changes to the code base via a project supporter.
In detail, Icinga 1.9.2 features a number of changes to the IDO database module, which should greatly improve performance when using MySQL or PostgreSQL as a database backend.

  • First of all support for database transactions is now enabled by default. This should reduce I/O on the database server
  •  Where possible, multiple queries are merged into one query (e.g. when updating the is_active column for more than one object)
  •  Thanks to improvements to the object cache a significant number of queries can be eliminated – thereby reducing the number of required database round-trips
  • Reduced network round-trips by removing redundant pings before each query

logo_is24With about 10 million unique visitors each month ImmobilienScout24 is the biggest and most popular German web marketplace for real estate. The company has its headquarter in Berlin and has about 600 employees. ImmobilienScout24 is on the market for about 15 years and supports Open Source solutions.
Again, we are happy for their support in helping us make Icinga the best monitoring tool on the planet!

Community Portal moving to www.monitoring-portal.org

Dear community members,
an important update regarding our lovely community & support platform:
The previously called “Nagios/Icinga Portal” will now be moved to “Monitoring Portal” which requires your bookmarks to be updated to the new domain as well:


Background is that Nagios LLC is claiming the trademark on the domain “nagios-portal.org”. More information can be found here.
Please make sure to update your bookmarks and join the lively community 🙂
Hope to see you around!
Kind regards,

Do You Provide Support for Icinga?

As Icinga grows as a project, so too does our user base and the likelihood of people looking for support. There are plenty of channels available to get cheerful assistance from the Icinga / Nagios community. Nevertheless there are some who prefer to pay professionals to take on projects. So to do everyone a favor, we thought we might compile a simple list of companies who offer Icinga consulting services. This may include providing support in installation and maintenance, development of plugins or features and so on.
If you provide support or consulting for Icinga, please let us know!
[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]
NB: Please be aware that we will review all submissions for authenticity, and we require a contact email for this process. We do not intend to promote companies at this stage, simply to provide a list  for users to refer to when seeking commercial support. The Icinga Project will not be held liable for any damages that arise from the use of our website and has no obligations to companies nominated to be listed on our website.