Icinga 1.4.1 released

Icinga 1.4.0 contained several bugs which now have been fixed on the core and web side of development 🙂
The XSS vulnerability in the Classic UI reported by Stefan Schurtz has been resolved too. Download Icinga 1.4.1 now!
* core: fix retain status file over an init script reload #1579
* classic ui: fix cross site scripting vulnerability in config.cgi on config expander arguments #1605
* classic ui: better handling of writing to cgi.log in cmd.cgi #1161
* classic ui: fixing tac.cgi header problems with counting and adding pending and descritptions #1505 #1506 #1508
* classic ui: corrected behaviour of pending states in tac header #1508
* install: fix event handlers cmd file location in contrib #1501
* fix LDAP auth allows empty passwords #1596
* fix filter information wrong after saving cronk #1525
* fix prefs growing endlessly in Icinga-Web causing lot’s of traffic #1513
* fix cronks page make-up #1509
* principals now work with wildcards
* provided IE JS fix
* CFLAGS for FreeBSD #1604
* show_tac_header_pending #1529
As usual – please report any bugs/feature requests/etc to our development tracker and/or community channels! 🙂

Icinga moves from GIT to CVS

We finally made our decision to step away from GIT, and get back to the origin SCM used by Nagios for a long time – CVS. It will enhance our current development capabilities and allow us to develop even faster with speed of light.
The first import is still in progress, you can follow it over here on the cvsweb of sourceforge. Stay tuned …
Update 2.4.2011 02:25: We are failing to import GIT into CVS, so we’ll stay on GIT ;-))

Intermediate Release: Icinga 1.2.1

Icinga 1.2.1 introduces a minor release on our stable branch for 1.2 – future fixes for 1.2 will be released the same way while working on the 1.3 unstable branch.
Changelist excerpt:

  • detecting the downtimes correctly again (Core)
  • scheduling a check for all services on a host (Core)
  • snprintf in make on Solarisepn tag (Core)
  • ignoring empty definitions correctly (Core)
  • closing the database connection correctly on errors (Core)
  • html escaping in the newly introduced comment toolstips (Core)
  • hide initial state and current state log entries in showlog.cgi. (Core)
  • task in Admin panel – directly clearing the cache (Web)
  • static urls fix (Web)
  • number of items in Postgresql and Oracle fix (Web)
  • preventing free edit of language preferences (Web)
  • fixed PNP install, epn support, added cgiurl hint to nagios-plugins install (Docs)
  • more info on plugin usage (Docs)

Thanks to everyone reporting back on 1.2.0 release! Therefore we decided to put several fixes and also enhancements directly into a 1.2.1 release.
A major fix for Icinga Core is detecting the downtimes correctly again, while scheduling a check for all services on a host works again in the classic UI.
Several combined fixes on the core include snprintf in make on Solaris, epn tag fixes and the fix for ignoring empty definitions correctly, only warn in case. IDOUtils now closes the database connection correctly on errors, preventing too much dead connections on the RDBMS.
We’ve also fixed the html escaping in the newly introduced comment toolstips and also added html tags on the extinfo comment table cells in the Classic UI. CSV export has been extended for all options in Availibity Reports. It is now possible to hide initial state and current state log entries in showlog.cgi.
Icinga Web features a new task in Admin panel – you can now directly clear the cache if having changed underlaying configuration. The static urls are working again, next to several fixes on Postgresql schema. The main cronk now shows the correct number of items in Postgresql and Oracle (API group by fix), and the datetime format has been fixed too next to preventing free edit of language preferences.
Icinga Docs has been updated too – fixed PNP install, epn support, added cgiurl hint to nagios-plugins install, hint for safe_mode=off for PHP 5.3, hint for selinux in IDOUtils Quickstart and last but not least added more info on plugin usage.
Download Icinga 1.2.1 and keep up with reporting back any issues/feedback/feature requests! =)

20,000 Downloads on SourceForge

A small step for SourceForge, a big step for Icinga. Yesterday we passed the 20,000th download of Icinga on Sourceforge.
We think this is a great success for our young project and also an indication for a growing community. Thanks to everybody using and supporting Icinga.
50,000…. We are coming!

Icinga Web 0.9.0 alpha is revealed!

Sorry for the delay on the release, we had to catch several technical issues next to OSMC.
We decided to split the releases into Icinga Core and Icinga Web. Therefore you will find two several packages to download and install.
The Core contains the Icinga API and IDOUtils which are needed for a functional Web this time. Make sure to download Icinga 1.0 RC1 and install it with IDOUtils for MySQL, the API will be installed automatically in share/icinga-api/
The Icinga Web depends on the API – you have to point the config to the actual install path. There are also several prerequisites and dependencies to resolve, so please catch on the instructions in doc/install-fromscratch.txt and do not hesitate to ask questions on the mailinglists and/or report any issues/bugs on our dev tracker.
Please keep in mind that this is an alpha release and be patient while we are working on future versions! 🙂