CLOB happens – v1.9 Rescheduled

May7In the interests of quality and testing, Team Icinga has come to the hard decision to reschedule Icinga 1.9 to 7th of May.
From CLOB (#3965) and ‘DistictOutputModel’ (#3976) problems to disobedient custom variables and credentials (#3715), we’ve been testing and fixing over the past couple of days. But there is only so much time.
So, to ensure the quality of our Icinga 1.9 release we have decided to make more time for testing. As usual, we will release a Beta version for you to help us test prior to the official 1.9. Take a look at our roadmap for what to expect.
In the meantime, help us make these next two weeks worthwhile by getting in touch on the development tracker and testing away.
Thank you to all for understanding – especially to those who have been counting down the days.

v1.7 Rescheduled

With quality and testing front of mind, Team Icinga has decided to reschedule the release of v1.7 to 16 May.
In order to ensure the quality of the next release, we have decided to allow more time for testing. This will only be worthwhile if you help us test. Your feedback is instrumental to helping us root out bugs and offer features you really want.
A patch release for Icinga Web (1.6.2) is however on the way, as well as an automated source package to make Icinga Web testing a easier.
Our release cycle remains the same, and we will release a Beta version for you to help us test prior to the official 1.7. See our roadmap for what you can expect.
We thank everyone – especially those who keep a close eye on our release ticker – for their understanding.
So help us make the most of the extra 2.5 months – get active on our development tracker and report a bug or (even better) send in a patch!