Core Quickfix 1.8.1

Good evening,
there were complaints that Icinga Core 1.8.0 would replace spaces with pluses in several macros. Actually, this was identified as production critical bug, and fixed this evening. You’ll find a test case at #3397 as well. In order to stay safe, I’ve uploaded a quickfix 1.8.1 release – packagers will update their packages shortly.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but keep in mind – more (beta) testers are needed! Check the nightly builds, git and occasional beta releases and report back to your development tracker 🙂

Icinga Core 1.6.1 quickfix

Icinga Core 1.6.0 introduced a change on the freshness checks for passive check result and actually this lead into an unwanted bug as well as behaviour. Sorry for the inconvenience this caused for those actually having upgraded and experienced that bug. Thanks to Jörg Linge for finding the bug and all the others reporting feedback and testing the proposed fix!
Further analysis and thoughts are put into #2136, feel free to add yours too. And remember – we do need more (beta) testers to prevent such bugs in the first place! Drop us a line if you can share a test platform 🙂
Icinga 1.6.1 tarball is now available for download. Packagers are already informed and will release their updates soon.