Monthly Snap October: Icinga on the ISS, PuppetConf, Releases

October brought us many new releases and events, and of course cool community integrations and plugins.
One thing ahead: Do you remember that NASA was asking for PostgreSQL support years ago? Did you know that they have been implementing Icinga on the ISS?
Icinga is still running on the ISS, supporting space exploration.


Icinga Camp San Diego is waiting for you

I’m super excited for next week already – third time flying to the US joining community members at an Icinga Camp, this time San Diego after Portland and San Francisco.
“The Unrealized Role of Monitoring & Alerting” – Jason Hand from VictorOps takes the challenge to dive deep into metrics, alerts and learning from failures. We’ve seen such discussions at Devopsdays Amsterdam in June too and are super excited that Jason joins us in San Diego.
Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 16.11.23Blerim is also all about metrics – monitor all the things, retrieve metrics and present them in beautiful graphs on your dashboard. Be it Graphite or InfluxDB natively integrated with Icinga 2 or the all new shiny Grafana dashboard we’ve shared on
Rumors do tell that Icinga Web 2 added support for sending commands using the Icinga 2 REST API. Eric will prove that in his talk about new features coming with Icinga Web 2 v2.4.
Yet you’ve been eagerly awaiting a new Icinga Director release. Tom is busy coding and improving it and will showcase the latest and greatest additions – probably firing the last git commit and then starting the talk, as always 😉
vagrant_icinga2_dashingAnything else all around the Icinga 2 API including live demos of existing tools and a revamped Dashing interface are waiting for you in Michael’s presentation.
Last but not least we’ll also have the latest project news and future outlooks with us – Bernd will kick off the Icinga Camp as always.
Still not convinced? We’ll be sharing the venue with PuppetConf 2016 on next Tuesday. If you love automation, you’ll surely want to learn about Icinga and Puppet all week long 🙂
Take a peek into all talks and make sure to join us – it is free, a full day of #monitoringlove in lovely San Diego.

PuppetConf 2015 and Icinga Camp Portland

Team Icinga is in Portland right now and taking part in PuppetConf 2015. While working the Icinga booth, we are surprised to learn how many people already use Icinga 2 and especially Icinga Web 2 in production already, given that it was just released a few days ago. From small setups, to universities and large brands like HP, PuppetLabs and Cisco. After Icinga Camp in San Francisco last year, this is our second official gig in the United States and given the very positive feedback, we are more than happy about our decision to come.
PuppetConf is a little smaller this year, but this was expected with moving it’s location from San Francisco to Portland. Portland surely is a great city, but it also meant that folks from the valley had to board a plane and it looks like not everyone who came last year was willing to do that. The main new thing at PuppetConf is the new Puppet Application Orchestrator. Luke Kanies mentioned in his keynote, that the initial ideas for the product are over four years old and that they are happy to ship the latest member of the Puppet family this year.
The conference will end tonight, but it will not be the end of our Portland experience. Tomorrow Icinga Camp Portland will be held at the PuppetLabs headquarter right here in downtown. There are only a couple of tickets left, so if you are still in town tomorrow, head over to our camp site and register now. We are looking forward to see you there.

Icinga in Portland for PuppetConf and IcingaCamp

logoOctober is coming closer and we are looking forward to see you all in Portland in a couple of days. Team Icinga joins PuppetConf as a sponsor for the first time this year. Please visit us at our booth and we’ll show you the brand new upcoming version of Icinga Web 2. In addition to that you’ll have the chance to ask all the question you have in mind. And we hopefully have an answer (42) for that.
We’ll be in Portland for a whole week and cause it is so beautiful over there we stay a day longer for, you already guess it, Icinga Camp. Since a couple of days our final timetable is online and with talks of James Fryman, Eric Zounes and of course some members of the Icinga team we’ll have a great day of monitoring at the PuppetLabs HQ in Portland.
Don’t miss the chance to register for Icinga Camp now and we make sure to have a shirt in YOUR size. If you also want to register for PuppetConf, and we think this is great idea, please use the code SPONSOR_PROMO15 to receive 15% discount.
See you in Portland!

Free Ticket for PuppetConf 2014

We have our first Icinga Camp in San Francisco next week and we are really looking forward to it. Some of our team members will join PuppetConf next week as well.
We have ONE FREE TICKET for the conference and would like to share it with you. The only thing you need to do is drop a comment over here TODAY and we’ll pick one later this day.
Good luck!