OSMC 2013 – A Conference of Surprises

OSMC2013A week, two releases and a couple of beers later, we’ve finally found some time to share our slides and impressions of the Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC).
Over the two days, we came to learn a bunch of new addons such as Flapjack for notification management, Adagios and TKmon for web configuration alongside updates for the familiar NSClient++, Thruk and Bischeck.
Once again our project popped up in a few case studies, with Icinga being used by DB Systel the IT subsidiary/provider for the German railway; online real estate portal ImmobilienScout24; and Austrian IT provider for the Sparkasse bank group, s IT solution AT.
As an open source conference on monitoring, a few other projects were of course present, including Zabbix, OpenNMS and Nagios. Indeed that’s where the first surprise for the event came, with ex-Nagios core developer Andreas Ericssion announcing his Nagios fork, Naemon – the ‘Networks, Applications & Events Monitor’ to a nodding audience.
The next surprise though, came from our team. Bernd went to stage to present our most recent Icinga 2 milestone release, and wowed a full house with its multi-threaded, cluster-ready and component loader architecture. He then went on to offer a sneak preview of Icinga Web 2. We were thrilled with the feedback – but more than that we can’t say, so keep your eyes on this blog 😉 In the meantime, take a look at our slides for the thoughts behind our surprise preview:


Surprises aside, this year’s OSMC was as relaxed as always. It was great to come together and chat with real monitoring aficionados, catch up on the latest developments, all while releasing Icinga 1.10 from our little hack corner. After so many unexpected highlights this time, we wonder what OSMC 2014 will bring next year.

Icinga @ Linux Tag & RootCamp in Berlin

Today kicks off the first day of RootCamp Berlin, where a bunch of us from the team are milling around. This is our first visit to an ‘unconference’, and we look forward to seeing how the program will unfold. At the moment, we’ve got a few votes for a presentation suggestion on Icinga – fingers crossed they will keep rising.
If they do, it will be a busy weekend for me, as I happen to have secured a spot in the LinuxTag program too. I will speak today at 4 – 4.45pm in the Europa conference room on Icinga – our story, challenges and tools that helped us get to where we are today.
Both events will run till tomorrow, Saturday 25 May so if you happen to be around, swing by and say hi!

Team Icinga @ Linux Week Vienna 2012

Today marks the start of Linux Week Vienna 2012, and for the first time, a bunch of us from Team Icinga is there to represent.
Held at the FH Technikum Wien from 3 – 5 May, the program offers 3 tracks of talks covering open source from various perspectives – for professionals, students, the cloud, design and even Drupal enthusiasts.
We’ll be in lecture hall (HS 1.05) at 3pm today to introduce our project and all the latest that has been happening behind the development curtains.
So if you happen to be in town, come by and say hello!

Team Icinga to Speak at OSMC 2011

For the 3rd time, Icinga will present at the Open Source Monitoring Conference on 29 – 30 November. Held in Nuremberg, Germany, the event is in its 6th year and packs a good monitoring-focused program.
We’re excited to be on the same speaker roll as some other big names in the open source monitoring scene, such as Jörg Linge of PNP4Nagios, Michael Medin of NSClient++, Reinhard Scheck of Cacti and Olivier Jan of Monitoring-Fr.org.
By then, version 1.6 ought to be out and we’ll offer the crowd an update on the latest in Icinga, which we hope will includeexciting stuff to do with SLA and acknowledgements in the Core, Icinga Reporting and distributed computing … husshh.
Hope to see you there!

FrOSCon 2011 – Snaps & Slides

Back from the 6th FrOSCon just this past weekend, and we have a couple of happy snaps and presentation slides to share.

This year we were there with a presentation as well as a project booth. In his speech, Marius gave a nice introduction to Icinga and the particulars of the new web interface. His slides (German) can be found here and below.

It was great to meet so many visitors who had already installed Icinga and even the new web interface. In fact the interest in Icinga New Web generally was a nice surprise; especially coming from professionals running larger enterprise environments who were glad to finally find what they’d been looking for in our UI. That, alongside the fact that few asked for an explanation of Icinga compared to Nagios, is a good sign that we are slowly gaining recognition as a monitoring tool in our own right.
We thank the organisers for a great event and all those who came by to visit us!