All we want for Christmas … is You!

icinga_christmasWe don’t want to exaggerate but 2014 really was one of our greatest years for the Icinga project now coming to an end. It is not really hard to tell. In addition to amazing people contributing to Icinga we definitely reached the next level of the project.

  • Icinga 2: After a couple of years we finally reached the point where Icinga 2 was ready for the release. It took us years of development and sleepless nights, but also weeks of discussions on how we can do things right. Changing the configuration format was one of our biggest concerns in being successful. We really wanted more than small changes and maintance, we wanted to reach a complete new level of monitoring – and so it happened. If we look at Icinga 2 now, I am confident we made it happen in many ways. And your awesome feedback verified our opinion in so many ways. More …
  • Icinga Camp San Francisco: It was the first time for us to host an event on the other side of the ocean and thanks to GitHub and Kelsey and James organizing an awesome event German-style we where able to do so. To cut a long story short. Icinga Camp San Francisco was a blast and we took so much positive energy out of it. Seeing that a lot of really really big brands using Icinga 2 in production was incredible. More …
  • Icinga Web 2: In addition to the core we started working on an Icinga Web successor one and half year ago. We invested a lot of time into the basic design questions and how we can make it easy for others to contribute. The feedback on our first Beta in November was overwhelming and we are still working on Icinga Web 2 to get it ready for the final release early next year. Looking at users starting to write modules for it already is the best feedback you can get. More …

Don’t be afraid, we still want more and have a lot of plans for the upcoming months. In addition to more community events in Barcelona and Portland, we will follow our successful strategy from the past making Icinga the most awesome monitoring tool out there. Though Icinga’s success is built on community spirit so we’d like to hear about your wishes and ideas! Please let us know what you desire the most for 2015 in the poll below:

[yop_poll id=”1″]

Last but not least we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Vote on your future Icinga Web cronk menu

On our roadmap for our next release is a redesigned Cronk menu for Icinga Web 1.9. We’re thinking of replacing the current large icons with smaller icons in a list view, by default:
Current default Icinga Web menu: Large Cronk icons
Proposed new default Icinga Web menu: List with small icons
As we’re all about flexibility and customization, we will ensure you can switch between them and add some example configuration lines to guide you in our Icinga Docs.
But before we get carried away, we thought we’d ask you our user community first – what would you prefer as a default view?
[poll id=”12″]
Our poll will close on 20th April 2013 to give us some time to implement the majority-preferred menu. So till then, add your vote and help shape the next Icinga Web 1.9 . As always, suggestions are welcome in the comments below.

To WAP or not to WAP?

Team Icinga is toying with the idea of branching away from Nagios’ WAP interface. For those unfamiliar with it, the WAP interface was designed to display network status details on small LCD screens for mobiles before the advent of the smartphone.
With it you could view host group summaries, host and service statuses, (de)activate checks and notifications as well as acknowledge problems – all from your internet-enabled Nokia 6100.
Sadly since forking 3 years ago, we have not heard a single word on it from users, let alone bug reports or feature requests.
Combined with the fact that Icinga Mobile, Android and iOS apps are very cool – we’re thinking about removing WAP functionality from the CGIs, and investing our efforts elsewhere. But just to be sure, we thought we’d check with you – our Icinga user and developer community first:
[poll id=”10″]