Monthly Snap April: Berlin Meetup, Releases and Themes

April brought us new bugfix releases of Icinga 2 v2.8 and Icinga Web v2.5. Carsten released new versions for the Grafana module for Icinga Web 2. Christoph updated everything to the latest in his Docker containers.
Blerim wrote a thing about continuous monitoring on the Chef blog. The Icinga 2 master instances in NWS now provide the possibility to send Slack notifications. Jens shared insights into pushover notifications. Assaf is working on the Ansible playbooks and gives a peek in to Terraform. Emil released a new version of the check_domain_expiration plugin.
Our community channels brought more insights into Icinga Web 2 and custom service grids, and Icinga 2 with custom filter functions for apply for rules.
Simon and Nicolai created the first Icinga meetup in Berlin on May 16th 2018 – make sure to join them!

Icinga Exchange – Plugin & Addon Repository!

Finally a home for all the vagabond Icinga compatible plugins and addons out there – we are proud to team up with Monitoring Exchange to bring you Icinga Exchange.
You can already find 500+ plugins, addons and other Icinga related projects on our new repository. These are super-fast to find thanks to a Solr based search engine combined with navigation tags for project type, vendor and monitoring target. The Solr search logic searches any term within a project and displays results as you type.
Posting projects is also quick and easy, especially if you are already on GitHub. Either upload your project directly or take advantage of our GitHub Sync feature. To do so, simply add our project-sync feature to your GitHub tree and tell us your GitHub repo URL. When you update your GitHub project, your project will be automatically updated on Icinga Exchange.
We’ve tried to make maintaining projects just as convenient; as such Icinga Exchange supports multiple releases and Markdown documentation.

With Icinga Exchange we hope to give Icinga compatible plugins and addons a home. And there are no prejudices here – Icinga compatible often means Nagios, Shinken, Naemon, Centreon, Zabbix, OpenNMS compatible too and these are all welcome at Icinga Exchange.
So, hop on over to and browse through our new repo – feel free to add or update your project and get some more airtime for your hard work. The Icinga community is all about sharing that monitoring love around.

Monitoring Plugins 2.0

nagios-plugins-upgrade2After the political harassment happened in January, the renamed Monitoring Plugins project (former Nagios Plugins) has worked hard to release the next version – Monitoring Plugins 2.0. Download away and poke your distribution maintainers to update their packages with the new name or at least use the original sources.
Icinga 2 is compatible with the Monitoring Plugins and will continue to collect plugin check command configuration for them 🙂
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Nagios Plugins URL & Name Update: Monitoring Plugins @

Dear community,
Icinga wouldn’t be so successful without the magnificent job by the Monitoring Plugin Development Team (former Nagios Plugins Development Team) and their Monitoring Plugins (former Nagios Plugins) that are fully compatible with Icinga 1.x and Icinga 2.
It seems that censorship is at play again  – the current web server serves  hijacked content, which is different to the original content shared by the Monitoring Plugin Development Team.
This seems to be due to the fact that the project decided to rename itself to “Monitoring Plugins” – take a look at the official announcement.
Just to be safe, please update your bookmarks: is the official url to receive future announcements on new plugin releases, compatible with Icinga 1.x and Icinga 2!
The online Icinga documentation has already been updated. If you find any wrong URL references, please let us know!

Nagios Plugins 1.5 released

Facebook_Link_PicA monitoring core without any check plugins for your hosts and services would be nothing. While there is a huge collection of plugins available on the net, the original Nagios plugins are still compatible with Icinga 1.x and Icinga 2.x
Our friends at the Nagios plugins development team have now released 1.5 containing numerous bug-fixes as well as new features.  Please also note the dash in their updated domain: “”. Furthermore they have moved their code and issue tracker to github recently so make sure to update your bookmarks! 🙂
Thanks for your effort guys, much appreciated!