OSMC 2011 – Snaps & Slides

A week later, we’ve finally recovered from the monitoring madness at the Open Source Monitoring Conference.
The two days were packed with lots of news around Nagios/Icinga best practices, addons and plugins, as well as Shinken and OpenNMS. It was great to hear the latest from Jörg Linge on PNP4Nagios, Michael Medin on NSClient++ and our own, Michael Lübben share tips for SLA reporting.
This was our 3rd year there, and this time round we were impressed to see many case studies feature Icinga as their chosen solution. From Müller, the drugstore chain and Deutsche Welle the broadcaster, to Hyves.nl the Dutch social network platform – Icinga has proven its worth in enterprise environments.
Our own presentation was well received, and in particular our announcement of IcingaMQ aroused much lively discussion that continued well beyond our allotted time. Other highlights from the presentation were:

  • Business process integration for 2012, with Bernd Strössenreuther the current Business Process Addon maintainer to join the team
  • New, optional IDOUtils module to utilize SLA information in database
Best of all, the event offered a great opportunity for the team to meet and release version 1.6 together, from our own Icinga development corner. We were a little tight for space this year, with Michael L, Marius, Gunnar, Ricardo, Wolfgang and myself there to represent, not to mention Rune flying in from Norway, Amanda from China and Michael F from Austria.

What can we say, we had a great time – meeting the open source monitoring community, hacking away the last bugs before release and drinking mulled wine at the Christmas market – cheers to the organizers for a great conference!

Team Icinga to Speak at OSMC 2011

For the 3rd time, Icinga will present at the Open Source Monitoring Conference on 29 – 30 November. Held in Nuremberg, Germany, the event is in its 6th year and packs a good monitoring-focused program.
We’re excited to be on the same speaker roll as some other big names in the open source monitoring scene, such as Jörg Linge of PNP4Nagios, Michael Medin of NSClient++, Reinhard Scheck of Cacti and Olivier Jan of Monitoring-Fr.org.
By then, version 1.6 ought to be out and we’ll offer the crowd an update on the latest in Icinga, which we hope will includeexciting stuff to do with SLA and acknowledgements in the Core, Icinga Reporting and distributed computing … husshh.
Hope to see you there!