Streamed: Icinga at the OSMC 2010 online

Compliments of Linux Magazin, a streamed video of our presentation at the Open Source Monitoring Conference is now available for all to view.  October 2010, Bernd stepped up to the mic on behalf Michael F, Lara, Marius, Ricardo, Jannis, Karo and Scott who were all there (on/off stage, calling in from Oz) to represent the team.
In the presentation, he introduced Icinga’s technical foundations and explained plans to improve Icinga’s architecture to better solve problems in distributed and large environments and bring greater redundancy. Current REST API development was also on show, alongside a demo of the classic and new web interface with integrated Jasper reporting and Business Process Addon views.
After sharing Icinga’s roadmap the team topped it all off with a surprise release of Icinga Mobile offering of course a live demo. Keep your ears perked for the rustle of smart phones pulled out from pockets in the crowd, as the demo took on a more collective nature.

Though it was presented in German, the slides are completely in English.
View the streamed presentation at and enjoy!

Looking forward and looking back

Just as Bernd shared our presentation at the OSMC 2010, we thought we might share a few snapshots and highlights from event that exploded with releases and new ideas from our side.
Aside from the latest unified, stable release of Icinga 1.2, we also had a surprise release of Icinga Mobile. Both were well received, with the latter inducing a wave of iPhone and Android demo buzz among the crowd. We were pretty flattered to see over 180 guests fill every seat and standing spot in the room. From our side, Michael F, Marius, Ricardo, Jannis, Bernd and I were there to represent as well as Scott on live stream from Oz.
The juiciest news from our presentation there were:

  • Icinga API to be integrated into Icinga Web
  • New Icinga Core API (XML-RPC) planned
  • ABA dispatcher to communicate between plugins and Core via new API
This new Icinga architecture builds upon our distributed system concept with the Core API and ABA dispatcher offering an interface to external systems. It should bring greater flexibility, high availability and enhanced load balancing capabilities. To top it off, the integration of Jasper Reports into Icinga Web is also planned.

On the topic of integration, Bernd Strößenreuther announced 2 new Icinga Web cronks for Business Process Addons which add well to the new PNP adaptor for Icinga by Christoph Maser. Both are available in the contribute folder of Icinga Web.
Overall we enjoyed our time in the limelight, the chance to chat with old friends and new. Too bad none of us got to take home the ARDrone flying around during the conference, nonetheless hope to do it all again next year. The feedback was great, on the developments in Icinga Classic as well new and for that we must say thanks to all Icinga users and supporters out there that have helped us to get so far since our first appearance at last year’s OSMC – and now the roadmap seems pretty full ahead!

Icinga Dev Week & OSMC 2010

Every now and again, Team Icinga comes together in the flesh. This time, it was for a week of development, planning and docs.

Over 3 days, coffee and pizza, they nutted out some cool new developments, to name just 3 of about 25 new ideas:
– an integrated module for existing graphing solutions
– detailed plans of the upcoming core architecture
– roadmap for 2011
Icinga at OSMC 2010All these and more will be packed into the new release coming on 6October, to be presented in person at the 5th Open Source Monitoring Conference. In Nuremberg from 6 -7 October, the team will hold a presentation full of surprises.
Pretty exciting, as Icinga will be there alongside a heap of open source monitoring greats the likes of Michael Medin (Creator of NSClient++), Jörg Möllenkamp (Solaris Developer) and Wolfgang Barth (Author of the first Nagios handbook). We hope to see you there and we will keep you posted about all the cool new developments on the Icinga project!