Monitoring Plugins 2.0

nagios-plugins-upgrade2After the political harassment happened in January, the renamed Monitoring Plugins project (former Nagios Plugins) has worked hard to release the next version – Monitoring Plugins 2.0. Download away and poke your distribution maintainers to update their packages with the new name or at least use the original sources.
Icinga 2 is compatible with the Monitoring Plugins and will continue to collect plugin check command configuration for them 🙂
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Nagios Plugins URL & Name Update: Monitoring Plugins @

Dear community,
Icinga wouldn’t be so successful without the magnificent job by the Monitoring Plugin Development Team (former Nagios Plugins Development Team) and their Monitoring Plugins (former Nagios Plugins) that are fully compatible with Icinga 1.x and Icinga 2.
It seems that censorship is at play again  – the current web server serves  hijacked content, which is different to the original content shared by the Monitoring Plugin Development Team.
This seems to be due to the fact that the project decided to rename itself to “Monitoring Plugins” – take a look at the official announcement.
Just to be safe, please update your bookmarks: is the official url to receive future announcements on new plugin releases, compatible with Icinga 1.x and Icinga 2!
The online Icinga documentation has already been updated. If you find any wrong URL references, please let us know!