TiNag Icinga Clients for Android

With version 2.3.10 released just last week, we now turn our attention to TiNag on our journey through popular Android clients for Icinga and Nagios.
One of the few clients, that come equipped with PNP4Nagios support and a log viewer, TiNag offers a nice breadth of functionality. Besides viewing host and service states, the usual commands such as enabling/disabling checks, notifications and flap detection can also be sent with TiNag too. Particularly handy are the host state filter, alert and tactical view widgets for the home screen.
Developer Gerrit Schimpf set out to create TiNag at a time when there were only two clients on the market. With complicated configuration and a focus on alerting critical states, none offered quite what he was looking for.
Almost a year and handful of versions later, a user-friendly design and full feature set with minimal CPU load (and longer battery life) is what he hopes to have achieved with TiNag. Icinga compatible as of this year (v1.6), he is now working on better Icinga support, improved layout for tablets and a PNP4Nagios makeover.
A free version – TiNag Light is also available for users try all of TiNag’s features on a limited number of hosts and services. Both can be found on the Android app market.
Get in touch with Gerrit per email, twitter (@gerritschimpf) or on his TiNag homepage  if you have bug reports, suggestions or just want to say thanks.

Icinga + Android = IcingaDroid

Looking for an Icinga app for your Android? Just out, IcingaDroid could be your answer. The Icinga monitor watches your servers for you and notifies you when something changes. It draws check results from the CGIs, thereby differing to IcingaMobile in its Classic Web approach.  Brought to you by Karl Fischer, a Sys Admin and self-proclaimed novice coder hailing from South Africa, IcingaDroid is the perfect example of the openness of open source.
Written in Java using the Android SDK and Eclipse, Karl based it on NagMonDroid as his first coding project. In so doing he offers an updated look that also works well on Android 2.3, with slick service and notification views. Most importantly, IcingaDroid complies with Android usability guidelines which Karl attributes to its archetype. In his words: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Simon McLaughlin for his amazing effort that he has put into NagMonDroid, I’m truly feeling that I’m building on the shoulders of giants.”

It all came about when Karl was looking for an Icinga app on the Android market, only to find multiple Nagios ones. So he made it his business to bring an Icinga monitor to life, which was easy on the eyes and once run, users would keep running. From what we have seen, he has definitely achieved what he sought out to.
Check it out for yourself at http://code.google.com/p/icingadroid/, download, build on, modify or remix – Karl (@kmf) would love to hear from you!

Icinga Goes Mobile!

You ask and team Icinga responds. The request for an Icinga mobile app has been floating around for a while now, and here it now is. Icinga Mobile is our app tailored for your iPhone (pre-tested), Android, and what not.
Written in JavaScript and enhanced with Sencha, Icinga Mobile communicates through Icinga Web though its HTTP interface. Simply install it on your server and list it in your phone’s bookmarks and you’re off. Settings adjusted on each phone are stored locally and granted objects are based on Icinga Web user preferences and API key. In this way updates need only to be made centrally, for all your Icinga Mobile users to stay up to date.
As you would expect, hosts and services can be displayed in detail, filtered and sorted by status. Commands can be sent just as on Icinga Web. Authentication via the API key also ensures all user rights are carried over from Icinga Web, to have Icinga Mobile display only their relevant views.
With Icinga now in your pocket, problems will be that bit faster to anticipate, even when far away from a computer. So thanks to all those who voted on our feedback forum for a mobile app – your ideas are our impetus!
Download at http://sourceforge.net/projects/icinga/files/
Trial it at http://mobile.demo.icinga.org/interface/
Check it out at http://git.icinga.com/icinga-mobile.git