Team Icinga welcomes

jordanJordan JethwaDocker Maintainer
Jordan is a Web Technologist that is part of the Online Experience Management’s WCMS group at Adobe. He started as a contractor in 2011 and converted to full time a few months later. His DevOps team primary focus is to support and maintain the software and infrastructure that powers much of and several other related sites including the internal intranet site. Jordan created the first icinga2 Docker container based on Debian Jessie and will continue to maintain our Docker container stack for demos & tests.
fstrohmaierFlorian StrohmaierIcinga Web 2 Developer
Florian is working as UX designer and web developer at NETWAYS. Most recently he joined Icinga to develop and enhance Icinga Web 2 using JS, CSS and PHP voodoo.
76.thumbnailThomas Widhalm – Translation and Q&A
Having a first contact with Nagios as a systems engineer, Thomas became a senior consultant at NETWAYS, focusing on monitoring with Icinga and logmanagment with the elastic stack. He uses feedback he gets during his daytime job to improve documentation, translations and other small things in the Icinga codebase.
hjurzikHeike JurzikCommunity & Social
Heike is a technical writer and journalist. She contributes to the Icinga documentation by writing HOWTOs, blog articles and social media posts. You can also find her at various FLOSS events and conferences.
A warm welcome to the team 🙂
Want to do more with Icinga? Documentation, community support & events, even code patches? Get in touch 🙂

Team Icinga welcomes…

… 6 new (including a couple old) members officially to the team!
From helping create Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2 to continuing Icinga 1.x development, packaging and testing, we sure are glad to have the extra hands on deck.

Team Core

GERD V. EGIDY | “gvegidy
Joining the Icinga 2 effort in April, Gerd brings with him 15+ years of C++ development and Linux sys admin experience. Head of support and consulting at Intra2net by day, Gerd is a now an Icinga developer, mountain biker, ice cream maker and coffee roaster by night.

Team Packaging

sstarrSHAWN STARR |spstarr
Fedora/EPEL/RHEL specialist, Shawn helps maintain the official RPMs for Icinga. He has been a Fedora packager since 2006 and is also on the Fedora QA team. On the side, he contributed the Plasma weather applet/engine API to KDE 4.x/5.x. Joined in January 2014.
skottlerSAM KOTTLER | “shk
Sam works on packaging, security, and distribution issues for Icinga as of February, from his base in NYC. In addition to his work on Icinga, he works at Red Hat on systems management and cloud guest initialization problems. Sam also helps maintain the Ruby, Erlang, and monitoring stacks (not to mention monitoring-plugins) in Fedora and is the maintainer of the Puppet 2.7 branch.

Team Web & Mobile

elippmannERIC LIPPMANN | “lippser
A PHP and Javascript developer, Eric works solidly on Icinga Web 2. He is known in the monitoring community for the performance monitoring extension, inGraph and has been responsible for many Icinga Web Cronk concepts and ideas in the past. Joined in the summer of 2011.
tgelfTHOMAS GELF | “tgelf
Thomas specialises in Icinga Web 2 development, occasionally contributing ideas to Icinga Core. Professionally an Icinga and Puppet consultant/trainer, Thomas boasts nearly two decades of development experience in various languages. Officially joined in 2014.

Team Quality Assurance & Docs

sbauknechtSVEN BAUKNECHT | “tuxifier
Previously a padawan, Sven helps test Icinga and add to the growing knowledge base that is the Icinga Wiki. A long-time Linux user and monitoring professional, he has been using Icinga since its first year of conception. Joined in November 2012.
Cheers to our newest team members! Thanks for helping us keep Icinga on the evolutionary ascent.  If you see them around the community, don’t forget to give them a virtual fist bump.

Team Icinga welcomes…

… 3 new members to the team!
FRANZ HOLZER | “Frankstar” – Quality Assurance
Franz is on the QA team, testing Icinga, supporting users on community channels and improving our dev tracker processes. Responsible for monitoring iTaurus IT Dienstleistungs and customers’ systems in their cloud, Franz has plenty of on the job Icinga experience, writing plugins and the like. On the team since April 2012.
CARL R. FRIEND | “crfriend” – Core, Packaging & Quality Assurance
On board since May 2012, Carl contributes to Core, Packaging and QA, particularly with his Solaris knowledge. A sys admin and Icinga user with 30 years experience in IT on everything from hardware to application programming, Carl specializes in cross-platform interoperability and has used Nagios since the mid-2000s.
MARKUS FROSCH | “lazyfrosch” – Packaging
Icinga and Nagios user and sys admin for several years now, Markus is currently an Icinga and open source consultant. He maintains the Icinga Web packages for Debian, and contributes to other open source projects. You might find him on Icinga’s IRC channel pondering on user problems. On board since August 2012.
A couple of padawans have also hopped on board – so a big shout out to Christian Zigotzky (xeno74), Sven Bauknecht (tuxifier), Michael Renner (robe) and Sebastian Gronewold (sgronewold) who we hope will enter the Icinga ranks soon. We’ve always got an ear open for new ideas and you’ll find us around the dev tracker, wiki, mailing lists and IRC channels.

Team Icinga welcomes…

… 7 old friends officially on board. Indeed it has been a couple of months, but as they say, better late than never. So we’d like to formally introduce you to our latest additions to the team:
Mike Becker – NRPE for Icinga Development & Improvement
Mike has been playing round with Icinga since the first release and has been with us since September 2010. Technical Support Engineer at PlusServer AG, he’s no stranger to Nagios and monitoring in practice.
Ronny Fauth – IDOUtils
Ronny too has been working with Icinga since version 1.0, and has been on the team since August last year. His day job as Oracle/MySQL/MSSQL Database Administrator at DB Systel makes him a fine contributor to our Core & IDOUtils team.
Lars Engels – Core & Packaging
Oracle Solaris and FreeBSD user, Lars helps us out our where he knows best – in keeping Icinga portable and running on non Linux platforms. He’s been on board since October 2010.
Mike Dupont – Core
Founder of FLOSSK, a free and open source software community in Kosovo, Mike helps Icinga with debugging, documentation, enhanced testing and development. With over 12 years experience in C, C++ and Perl, he’s been with us since February 2011.
Thomas Dressler – IDOUtils Oracle
As an Oracle database administrator for over 20 years, Thomas has much experience in database operations with RHEL-Linux and Solaris,  plus internal database monitoring and automation. So he’s felt at home on our IDOUtils team since he joined in March 2011.
Matthew Brooks – Core
Hailing from Northern California, Matthew is an IT consultant with a passion for our Classic UI/CGIs. From submitting his first patch as early as October 2009, he joined the team in May 2011 and developed our new tactical header introduced in v1.4.
Amanda Mailer – Marketing & Community
Contributing to the website, blog and marketing, Amanda is already known for her Icinga webcasts on Youtube. She is a longstanding Icinga fan and helper who officially came on board in May 2011 to help out more with our media and event opportunities.
So a big belated welcome and thank you to these guys for committing to the coolest open source monitoring tool around! Our doors are always open, so feel free to contact us if you’d like to join too.