Icinga Director featured in iX magazine 04/17

Image source: https://shop.heise.de/katalog/ix-04-2017-pdf

Marianne Spiller, our fellow community member @sys_adm_ama, told us last week during Icinga Camp Berlin that she was about to publish an article about the Icinga Director. Today the iX magazine 04/17 was published and page 62 features Marianne’s article.
I’ve got myself the ebook already. Templates, change history, import sources, more modules just like PuppetDB or AWS – everything you know and love about the Director gets covered. Pretty awesome overview of the Icinga Director in “only” 3 pages. Keep in mind that the article is in German, so you might need some extra translation 😉
Congratulations Marianne & thanks for writing such a nice article. We’re hoping for more! 🙂


Icinga 2 in iX Magazine Special Issue

ix_magazine_Icinga2_coverIcinga 2 has been featured in a special issue of the German language iX Magazine.
Written by our very own Icinga 2 developer, Michael Friedrich ‘Systems Monitoring with Icinga 2 – In Full View’ offers a neatly packaged introduction to Icinga 2, it’s capabilities and how to get them running.
Beginning with installation and configuration basics, the article gives a few tips on working with new object-based, template driven format. It continues with the integration of Icinga Web 2 for visualization and Graphite for real-time performance monitoring. Finally, for the more complex environments, Michael explains how Icinga 2 clusters can be configured for distributed monitoring out-of-the-box.
To top it all off, the print article comes with a virtual machine (on DVD) preconfigured with Icinga 2, Graphite and a preview version of Icinga Web 2 for you to play with.
For those who have not yet taken the plunge into Icinga 2, the article is a great way to get your toes wet.
Happy reading!

Icinga Tutorial in iX Magazine

This month, Icinga has been featured in the German language iX Magazine. In a 3 part series, Sebastian Hetze offers readers a comprehensive introduction to Icinga.
Part 1 in the October edition, titled “Die Server stets im Blick” gives an overview of Icinga and SNMP monitoring, common plugins and a basic configuration.
Part 2 in the November edition just out, is titled “Faktor Mensch” and looks at managing notifications, alert escalation and downtimes among others.
Part 3  in the December edition to come, will consider the different ways to make use of returned monitoring values, such as SLA reporting, visualisation and inventory.
Best of all, we can vouch for these articles as the author came along to our Icinga Team Meet at the Linux Hotel earlier this year to gather information for this very tutorial. Cheers to Sebastian for the great read!
(Added 16.11.11) Note: Part 3 in the December edition is out.